The Revolution of Cashless Exchange



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What is GlodCoin?

GLODCOIN is an electronic currency that utilizes the proven Ethereum blockchain.

This advancement in technology is the future of money and will enable the secure, cashless exchange of just about everything! This financial revolution can multiply your assets and streamline purchases at our exclusive CYBMALL, via our merchant terminals. CYBMALL is the very first 3D shopping experience that offers you dazzling selections and enormous purchasing power, right at your fingertips!

Why Glodcoin?

In order to improve the current online shopping experience, our mission was to create reliable and convenient transaction gateways for you, our customer, using the latest technology.
This enhancement will enable you to safely and efficiently navigate the global marketplace, maximizing your time and resources.

  • Glodcoin is created on the Ethereum blockchain rendering it immutable and impervious from errors.

  • Glodcoin scales its value by making it accessible and highly usable transaction method of payment integrated with QurePay.

  • Unlike fiat money, Glodcoin increases its value exponentially. Therefore, multiplying your chances of profitability and enhanced purchasing power.

  • CybMall has no fees in its transactions. In fact, it rewards you for every item you sell, or even when you make a post.

  • Security is never a question since it runs on the safest blockchain ever created, Ethereum.

  • Merchant and sellers are protected twice by its blockchain and its secured portals.

  • Transaction is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Steps are narrowed to the least number of actions possible for ease of convenience.

  • The entire Glodcoin block runs on Ethereum and its Smart Contract which is entirely readable on the internet.

  • Cash, Bitcoin and credits? That's easy. Glodcoin enables currency exchange running.

Community Partners

Innovation Partners


Project Commencement

Start of front end design for marketplace using Vue framework. Development of merchant and buyer profile pages. Reward system development. Product listing interface building with video for the product option.

April 2018

Front-End Development

Begin front end design for bidding functionality including mobile responsiveness using VueJS framework. Feature development i.e. Payment through Glodcoin and Direct Chat to Seller.

May 2018

Back-End Development

Backend development using Django Python for a secure and stabilized platform. All features expected to be fully functional.

June-September 2018

Exchange Listings

Glodcoin will be listed on major exchanges.

October 2018

Customer Validation and Maintenance

Improvements and fixes based on customer validations made through User Testing phases.

November 2018-January 2019

Product in Public Beta

Public Beta rollout on the upgrades.

February 2019

3D Virtual Simulation

3D model of a road Unity to walk users on a virtual experience.

March 2018-May 2019

Plotting Mechanism of 3D Merchant Stores

Plotting mechanism for a 3D model of merchant stores on the road using World Editor and Unity.

June 2019 to July 2019

Marketplace Integration into Virtual World

Integration of Phase One marketplace into this virtual world.

August 2019

User Testing of Marketplace on VR

Application and user testing of market place version Two on VR gadgets.

September 2019

QurePay Integration

Integration of QurePay into the system for easier payment transactions.

October 2019-October 2020


  • How can we acquire Glodcoin?

    Glodcoin is acquired by participating in the ICO.

  • Is Glodcoin used to buy items in the Cybmall?

    Yes. Glocoin is the existing currency that's accepted into procurement and purchasing of items in the Cybmall.

  • How many Glodcoins should I acquire to purchase items in Cybmall?

    You can purchase as many items as you can depending on the amount of Glodcoins you have.

  • Can I encash my Glodcoin credits?

    Yes, you can. A provided encashment procedure is secured for your convenience.

  • What happens to my Glodcoins after acquisition?

    The Glodcoins will remain in your e-wallet until you make your first purchase.

  • Can Glodcoin be used to purchase items outside of Cybmall?

    Yes. However, Glodcoins can be made use extensively in the procurement of items in the Cybmall.